P2S RUGBYWORKS is a long-term skills development program for youth outside or at risk of exiting the mainstream education system. Youth excluded from mainstream education can expect lower quality of life outcomes, so at P2S RUGBYWORKS we work to provide these marginalised youth with the support and tools to feel better about themselves, navigate challenges more effectively and ultimately return to sustainable education, training or employment.

Our program is proven to work.

P2S RUGBYWORKS’ program is based upon UK-based charity Dallaglio Rugbyworks, founded by former English National Rugby Team captain Lawrence Dallaglio. Whilst looking to mimic the success of the UK program, P2S has broadened the catchment of the program and is focusing on three groups:

1. Youth at risk of being excluded from mainstream education.
2. Young people marginalized from mainstream education and currently in alternative education opportunities.
3. Young offenders, in collaboration with WA Police and Youth Justice Services.

What do we do?

Our coaches work in pairs with groups of 8 – 10 youths and, through games and sporting drills, build trusting relationships and promote and reward good communications, leadership, teamwork and aspiration. The program then progresses to classroom-based workshops, tailored employment taster days and work experience, in partnership with our corporate sponsors.



P2S RUGBYWORKS promotes resilience. It is about helping your people to become aware of the impact of their behaviour on others and to build their commitment to personal accountability and responsibility. Thank you to Fraser Griggs for allowing us the opportunity to see how the program works over a four week block of time. The feedback from the students was very positive as they engaged with the coaches.
We have decided to incorporate the program into our 2019 Year 10 Vocational Education Training classes.

Jennie Jago

Assistant Principal, Mercy College, Mirrabooka
I am a teacher with 7 years of experience in Australia’s largest and most successful care school, Alta-1 College. I have a great need for programs like P2S Rugbyworks in my school, as we are always in desperate need of linking students in with mentors and with the wider community. I can foresee this program being a great success amongst my students as it aims to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience in them through relationship.
I would love to see this program rolled out across high-schools throughout Western Australia as it will meet a huge need that can be found in many of our young people.