Through RUGBYWORKS, we give young people the practical support, experience and ability to help them believe and invest in the possibility of a better future.

RUGBYWORKS supports young people into sustained education, training or employment through a three-stage journey

OUR 3 STEP PROGRAMTailored to every participant

STEP 1 - Engagement

Minimising the impact of their past

STEP 2 - Integration

Making better decisions in the present

STEP 3 - Achievement

Planning to ensure a long term successful future

Engagement – minimising the impact of their past

Typically used for new participants and those in the 12 – 15 year-old demographic. This stage consists of predominantly rugby –based games and exercises. We strongly intend the rugby sessions to develop their soft skills, increase their engagement with the community and guide them onto a suitable career path. We hope to build long-term relationships with small groups of 8-10 young people per session who get to know us over 30 weeks per year where we can develop the important, transformative role that the coach-participant relationship takes on.

Integration – making better decisions in the present

Moving towards the more technical areas of Rugby and an increase in the number of classroom-based activities whilst still maintaining the collaborative and team orientated approach.

When the young people reach the age equivalent of year 12 schooling a year of 1:1 mentoring follows as we support them to achieve a sustained position in further education, training or employment.

Achievement – planning to ensure a long-term successful future

Our ambition is to give every young person we work with at least one employability opportunity, helping them build their portfolio of skills in preparation for adulthood. We will work with our corporate partners to provide Taster Days and workshops where our young people can go and experience the workplace, see the many roles on offer and start to understand the application and recruitment process.