P2S RUGBYWORKS is a collaborative, intensive and long-term skills development programme based on the Values of Rugby Union, with the aim of helping marginalised young people, currently outside of mainstream education back into sustainable education, employment and training.

P2S is working with young people to equip them with the necessary life skills to PREPARE them to seize OPPORTUNITY

Additionally, P2S is working with the community to create OPPORTUNITY for young people to enter sustainable Education, Training and Employment

Equipping them with the necessary life skills and reduce the negative perception held of them

Our commitment to maximising the impact of RUGBYWORKS is to have two of our coaches work with small groups of just 8 to 10 young people at a time.

It’s an intensive long-term programme in a supportive, safe environment, based around the values of Rugby Union. Initially coaches nurture strong relationships and organise games such as touch rugby that promote communication, leadership, teamwork and aspiration – critical skills as the programme shifts into the classroom. At the same time our young people are exposed to bespoke employability taster days, workshops and work experience that let them aspire to a different future back in mainstream society.

We truly believe that exclusion from mainstream education SHOULD NOT signal an exclusion from society

Our charity is based on a proven solution, developed in the UK; Dallaglio RugbyWorks. We have entered an agreement with Dallaglio RugbyWorks to transfer as much Intellectual Property from the UK to Western Australia to help us replicate the programme that has proven so successful in the UK.

Whilst looking to mimic the success of the UK programme. P2S is looking to broaden the catchment of the programme by focusing on three areas of the community:

  1. We want to work with ‘at risk’ young people, who have been identified by schools as having behavioural difficulties and are therefore at risk of being excluded from mainstream education.
  2. We want to work with young people that have been marginalized from mainstream education and are currently seeking alternative education opportunities. (this is where Dallaglio RugbyWorks operates in the UK). Alternative care providers such as Alta-1 Colleges have expressed a keen interest in our programme being run to supplement their own curriculum.
  3. P2S is keen to work collaboratively with WA Police and Youth Justice Services to deliver our programme to Young People who have fallen foul of the law and need support to reintegrate into the community on a law abiding basis.


  • Engagement – minimising the impact of the youngster’s past
  • Integration – making better decisions in the youngster’s present
  • Achievement – planning to ensure a long term, successful future for our youngsters
  • Sustained Education, Employment or Training

Social Impact measurement areas

  • Attitude – Positivity and Teamwork
  • Discipline– Behaviour and Language
  • Communication – Speaking and Listening (not just talking and hearing)
  • Autonomy– Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Behavioural Tracking

Behavioural shift happens as a result of growing rapport and trust between young people and coaches, alongside a curriculum of skills development.

What do we want to see?

We will collect data through teacher questionnaires and detailed coaches’ diaries that document each participant’s behaviour and engagement throughout the year. This data will be used to monitor progress in communication effectiveness, attendance, promptness, personal happiness and ability to cope with change

Employability Tracking

Exposing at-risk young people to a variety of vocational opportunities they otherwise might not experience is critical in helping them achieve their true potential.

What do we want to see?

We want every one of our young people to experience one Employability Day or skill-building workshop. We aim to help our young people by exposing them to a greater range of work-related experiences







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