I decided to launch P2S RUGBYWORKS here in Western Australia in response to three life changing events that have re-shaped my outlook on what is important to me.

Firstly, I suffered a major stroke in 2014. Part of my mental and physical recovery from that stroke was to undertake a gruelling 14 day trek across England from west to east with 11 very special friends. Secondly, the camaraderie of that group was priceless in allowing us to achieve our objective.

Strong friendship groups and shared outcomes are vital in life. We raised money for a UK Charity headed by a truly inspirational leader in Lawrence Dallaglio. Lawrence’s formative years were somewhat troubled and he sought solace in the sport of Rugby Union and the values of the sport. His application of those values in the charity he launched are now a vital component in reintegrating marginalised Young People in the UK back into sustainable education, training and employment.

Thirdly, my own daughter was subjected to a torrid period of psychological bullying as a 10 year old that put significant strain on our family group and on her own sense of self-esteem. It’s easy to ostracise the bully and to a degree their victims, but surely a better outcome for society is to try and break the destructive cycle of young people who have been exposed to the more disruptive elements of the community either at home or in their peer group, to try and rehabilitate them alongside those they have inadvertently marginalised through their actions?


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